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Re: Sticky calipers

I've never dealt with it on my q-car, but seems to be a clear
case of a sticking caliper piston.  means you have to remove
wheel, caliper, pop out piston by applying compressed air to
where you disconnect the brake hose.  I use the bleeder rubber
cap to stop brake fluid from leaking out the hose while I work on
the caliper, BTW.  use finest of fine emery cloth to remove the
rust that has undoubtedly build up on the piston.  Be fastidious
reassembling - the rubber boots must fit exactly right.
Bleed at least that caliper - the whole system if you can't
remember when you did it last.  If there is a lot of pitting on
the piston you may have to replace the caliper.  there may be
rebuild kits for the rubber seals (should be anyway)  Isn't that
painful.  sometimes getting the piston out is a b&^%$& 
compressed air is a must.  you may have to push it in (like with
a clamp) and blow it out several times before it comes out.

Rodney Broussard wrote:
> Somebody please help me!!!!   
> some country roads, but to my surprise my front left caliper began to
> bind. 

875ktq  153kmi.

wolfeboro, nh
603-642-7557  x1227