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Re: Rear muffler for 82-82 qtC

I had a cat back exhaust put on my 4kq for $190, using aluminized tubing
and a Flowmaster three chamber muffler.  It is a little loud to some, I
guess, but I like it.  Another poster mentioned purchasing a 4kq with a
good muffler as an option(possibility?), so I am guessing the 4kq and coupe
are similar(I was under the impression they were).  IMHO, there's no need
to spend $700 unless you _have_ to have stock stuff, a good muffler shop
can bend up just about anything you want.  Trick is finding the good shop,
I suppose.  Best of luck!

I.Mannix(the muffler was $70, you could buy a quiter muffler.....)