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Re: 5KCSTQ Hot Start Problem...the saga continues

This is the exact same problem I had with my '87 5TKQ.  I tried the fuel
check valve, injector cleaners, pressure regulators etc.  The problem
persisted.  The fix?  The dealer tested and replaced all 5 injectors. 
They were all leaking down.  It was expensive - about $500, but the car
starts immediately every time, hot or cold.


> Mike & all...
> More details on my '87 5KCSTQ hotstart problem.  Seems to be very
> similar to the one Russ was having and solved, earlier this month.
> Still collecting comments.
> To restate the problem, when the car is cold, after sitting all
> night, it starts a bit harder than it did before I replaced the fuel
> pump 2 weeks ago, but it always starts.  After running the engine up
> to temperature, and shutting down, if I then turn the key
> immediately, she starts immediately.  I confirmed today that if I
> wait as long as 15 minutes and try to restart, there is no problem.
> However, if I wait about 60 mins after shutdown she acts like there
> is a fuel starvation problem.  After 6-8 cranks over about a 15
> minute period, she starts with a sputter, then runs perfectly.
> I am _fairly_ certain the fuel flow check valve was replaced when the
> pump was replaced.  SO...is this a  fuel system pressure regulator
> problem, metering problem, or what ?
> Opinions strongly encouraged....(Phil P., Graydon, etc ..hehheh)
> --Kurt
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