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Re: And the mustang wins!

Phil Payne decided to speak these words:

>I'm not saying that BMW (or anyone else) are wrong to continue with 4-valve 
>technology.  What _is_ wrong, to my mind, is that Audi have been prevented 
>racing a technology that they have adopted for the consumer market.  
>the justifications, Audi have gone for 5-valve technology and 'quattro', and 
>the Touring Car series should give us a chance of seeing whether that 
>was correct or not.
>There's no end of bullshit around on the Internet saying that quattros are 
>slower than RWD cars like BMWs.  Let's race 'em on equal terms and see.

Im still tryingto figure out whythe coverning bodies hate innovation so 
much.  I mean, almost every race series in the world has ruled out 
Porsche because they are so good, and now it appears that Audi has been 
banned from yet another race series due to the fact that they are able to 
progress faster than the competition.  What kind of sport is this if 
someone is notable to use the advances that they make on their own.  If 
it is unfair to the competition, then let the competition deal with it by 
trying to build their own cars that can actually compete with the more 
advanced cars, which are in this case, Audi quattros...

I have a video on audi racing with a fair amount on the old days of 
Rallye...That is the kind of racingthat should be happening today, where 
it isnt the governing bodythat says that something is too advanced, but 
it is the competition who catches up and perhaps eventually surpasses the 
original contender.  Idontk now, i just hate the current world of 

The Porsche GT1 is another perfect example.  It isnt the manufacturers 
fault that they build a car that is just faster.  It is hte competitions 
fault that they did not keep up.


Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car