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Re: Broken stud extractor; now what?

Keith Simpson wrote:
> I used to use extractors - Now I use lots of heat before I do
> anything - propane works fine, MAPP is better - if I had
> oxy-acetylene I might use that - but that might be too hot - I

I do have a MAPP/Oxy torch kit, but I wasn't sure about using a lot of
heat with the Al head.  I did use a propane torch to heat up one of the
full studs that was a little "sticky" but I think it was more the fact
that I let it soak in penetrating oil while I went for a sandwich that
did the trick.

> would next go to right hand drill bits - I know people that have
> had great luck with them - sometimes hard to find.  What I have
> done when they are flush broken (I don't have right hand bitss)

I've had one other person suggest the right-hand bits.  I guess I have
to confess that I don't understand why it would make any difference
which way the drill is rotating when you cut into the offending stud. 
For how firmly the stud piece is in there, you're certainly not going to
just rotate the broken stud out with the drill.

> is carefully drill out with just the right size drill and then
> tap out the old threads.  My heart goes out to you - this used to

I do have a tap set, so I suppose this would make a decent last resort.



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