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Re: And the mustang wins!

At 10:13 PM 2/10/98 -0700, Ben Howell wrote:
>Oh boy, this is fun........
>Silly us, whatever were we thinking. Just the other day, I saw this AWSOME
>mustang that had some killer smoked headlight covers and big sticker across
>the windshield that said "FEAR THIS". I couldn't help but wonder......what
>must it be like to be that cool? I wonder if I could trade my lowly old
>quattro for HALF of a mustang? WHAT A CAR! PLease tell me what it's like! 

And there are plenty of cheesed out Audis driving around as well.  The A4
1.8T is starting to appeal to the sticker/tuner crowd as well...  Did you
know that you get an additional 5 hp for every sticker?

>>  - the original MSRP of a Mustang GT was half of a Quattro....
>Stands to reason, you get HALF the quality! ....well, I guess that Ford has
>more of a mark up, so you really only get about one thrid the quality, but
>who's counting. Or was that's "quality is job 1", I get so confused.

I almost fully agree with you.  I would NEVER say that any of Ford's cars
compete with Audi in quality.  I sold a '94 Mustang to buy a new Audi.  And
guess what...I paid a little more for my quattro than I paid for my
previous Mustang.  I got better quality, better daily drivability, more
space, etc etc etc.  I lost a little in terms of performance, but I really
don't miss it.  In fact, when autocrossing my A4, I have  beaten out a V8
Mustang with 2 different drivers, and 200hp V6 Camaros.

It seems to me that A) You're looking to flame, or B) You just missed the
original point/counterpoint.

The original claim was that a mildly tweaked Audi will out-run a Mustang.
POINT:  The Audi is not a drag car, and never will be.  If you made an Audi
into a drag car, it would lose all of the beloved features that make it an
Audi (great daily drivability being the top feature).  In the drag arena, a
Mustang/Camaro/Firebird/Vette will rule.  Brute force wins, and a 2.3L
turbo just doesn't cut it against 5+ liters with gigantic aftermarket
potential (swap in better engines, bolt on superchargers, etc).  A daily
driver 300HP car is small pototoes in the muscle-car world.

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net
- '98 A4q 2.8
- ISO '78-'83 Porsche 911