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quattro racing

Wendell Gurley@TOYOTA
02/11/98 08:58 AM

Phil, it will never happen.  Racing is suppossed to be a meritocracy,
instead it usually turns into an artificial stage show.  Any legitimate
advantage is banned to try and bring parity to the field in the hope of
more "interesting" racing and greater fan support.  In my opinion, it
usually ends up being a botched up, confusing combination of rules-dictated
cars that are un-interesting.  In the US, you either end up with a two car
class (NASCAR) or classes no one understands or cares about.
I say have all the factories compete with any technology and body-style
they have put in production.
>There's no end of bullshit around on the Internet saying that quattros are
>slower than RWD cars like BMWs.  Let's race 'em on equal terms and see.
>- --
>Phil Payne
>Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club