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RE: And the mustang wins!

Even I have to admit, the new Z28's with the 6-speeds are damn fast
cars, and can be made even faster with a few simple upgrades.  They're
not bad looking either...and on top of that, they're pretty cheap too,
especially for used ones!

Obligatory Audi Content:  Any other Q-listers going to be at the Doo
Wops I & II divisional rally this weekend, in Washington?  Come and
check out Rui's S2, which is hopefully over it's blown head gasket
plague =).  Chris Tudor will be there in his 5ktq with Q-lister Todd
Phenneger co-driving in his first rally!    I'll be there as a
spectator/worker with my dad...as long as we don't get another 1.5'+ of
snow dumped on us this weekend, which would preclude our going.


> Oh yeah....the same hold true for a Z28 and a Trans Am as well....

  They must share the same 28 year old technology then. 

  You know Tom, you either A) said what you said to start a flame war on
purpose (that answer gets my vote) or B) You really don't have any clue
to what's happening and you should probably just leave.....no probably
about it....just leave or C) you should watch some Trans Am footage from
1988 and edu-ma-cate yourself. I get the feeling that Audi was NOT