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Re: Quattros vs Pony Cars

On this thread, I can honestly say that I enjoy driving the 5ks (non-q)
simply because it has a taut road feel that my 90 Firebird Formula V8
doesn't have.  Audis (and German cars in general) are great at sustained
high speed travel.

Pony cars are drag-strip specialists, with quick 0 to 60 times and 1/4 mile
times.  My 5ks will have a difficult time matching the Firebird here.  But
the Firebird is not really all that great at sustained high speeds because
the WS6 performance suspension that my car has will knock the fillings out
of your molars when it hits tar strips, etc. at these speeds.  I can only
handle so much when I drive the Firebird on the broken pavement that passes
for roads in Minnesota.

I am a member of the q-list as well as the f-body (Camaro/Firebird) owners
list, and the discussion on the f-body list is modification-oriented and
1/4 mile time improvements.

In my case, each car has a different set of requirements.  The 5ks is used
for transporting more than 2 people, and the Firebird is when I don't need
the space (no room for more than 2).