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RE: ... poor poor Rusty ...

Phil writes:

"In message <TCPSMTP.18.2.10.->

> perhaps it's easy to surprise a mustang driver when you are driving an

> audi.  or maybe mustang drivers are easier to surprise...

By the sun coming up each morning?  By the tax return arriving each

Gotta add a data point here: I've never lost to a Rustang in my 86 5ktq
(IA chip/spring, K&N w/ open box, cat + Borla rear, no center) or my 91
200q TAP chip/spring, K&N w/ stock box/exhaust. The new Rustang, the
80's one, even a race prepped 60's one. 4.6L, 5.0L tricks or no tricks.
Sure, somebody out there has nitrous and will teach me a lesson in a
straight line some day, but otherwise, there's been no contest. Any
speed, from a standing start, on the freeway, in the twisties, etc. They
always lose. Their brakes are good for one or two hammerings, then it's
over for them. The suspension is great for doing doughnuts in highschool
parking lots and not much else. The more miles those Ford motors have
the slower they seem to go. The I5 is superior - power doesn't dissapate
with miles and tweeks are cheap and effective.

As to the "Fear This" sticker, maybe it was in reference to the driver's
lack of skill. I know I'm afraid of bad drivers. That's why I choose to
leave them so far behind....