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Recaro update

>From them? 

 Nothing.  No return call from engineering to my two messages about the
difference between the early and late frame kits.

Dave head has '91 seats in an '86/7?  So they do bolt right in.  what is
the difference in the Recaro kits?  Unknown.

The seat frame they list is #85.22.17R  

The frame for an 89+ is 85.56.17R

The frame they sent is 85.22.110 described as Audi 100 revised kit.  Why
revised?  Unknown.

News from me.  For $5 at the jyard I just got the handle/springs etc
hardware from a Quantum so I can adjust the seat and do everything except

The floor pan as I've said has no mounts for the center channel.  There is
a place for them, but they aren't there.

You can't buy those parts at the dealer. So I may borow a friends cordless
drill and go drill out some welds.

I'll keep you posted.  Maybe Recaro will call and have an answer