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High pressure hydraulics


My '90 90Q20V has come down with the following brake/steering

1.  Turning the wheel causes a groaning sound from the engine area
(presume the pump).  Wheels turn fine of course, noise
worsens after high revs (6000+).  This has been nagging me for a
couple of months, and I've been putting it off.......

2.  New one!  Brake power assist fades after 1-2 seconds of pedal
application.  Braking can be restored by pressing harder, or by
letting off the pedal for a few seconds, but not by pumping the
brakes.  No extra sound from pump accompanies the assist fade. 

3.  The brake warning light stays on a long time (perhaps
minutes) at start-up, but never comes on during driving.

I've had so many Audi's and been through so many pumps, I'm
hoping this is all that's needed.  Easy, semi-expensive fix.  But
wait, isn't that a funny looking, thinner pump in the 90q20V?

I'm asking q-listers in the know:  Is it prolly just the
pump, or should I investigate the brake assist valve and the


Steve in Calgary