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RE: Retrofitting an intercooler into an UrQ

Damn ... I guess I'll just have to throw my useless piece of junk away
then ...

Perhaps we need another fizzicks lesson here Martin ... excuse me, I
mean engineering fluid dynamics.  The intercooler on my car is mounted
fairly close to the lower grille ... I'd imagine the pressure there
would be pretty much the same as that at the grille above the bumper.
The area behind the intercooler is fairly open ... at least there isn't
an engine sitting right behind it!  If there is a problem it is the hose
from the turbo outlet that runs across the back surface of the IC ...

Perhaps you can give us the benefit of your studies into the efficiency
of the IC mounting position ... I would certainly appreciate the chance
to read it!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> > It's also up in front of the engine, where the ur-quattro has its 
> > auxiliary radiator.  The ur-quattro intercooler is basically in
> front of
> > the right wheel.
> And what a useless design it is.  It might be better than nothing but 
> for a car of that price they should have come up with a better 
> location (from engineering fluid mechanics point of view).