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Recaro news 2


Listen up.  Recaro DOES NOT make slider kits/adapters for Audis with power
seats.  When they app list says (manual) they mean manual seats only. 
Would be nice if they'd elaborate on that in their dealers catalogs
wouldn't it.

Also the app list is for the world, hence 200tqs or V8s with manual seats?

Igor,  that A4 app is for manual seats only.  I asked.   Did you get manual
or power?  

So you either need to find a junk manual seat audi/vw and cut the, lets
call them "ears", cut the ears off the floor and reweld them to your car.

Or make new ears and weld/bolt them to your floor.  I could see some heavy
angle iron or something.

Or, there is a generic slider kit.  It bolts to the bottom of the seat and
onto the top of ?  This is the key here.  With this kit you would not use
the slider mechanism down the center at all.

You could bolt the slider kit now on the bottom of the seat to the top of a
generic universal set of "legs".  We think that the legs would be on the
16" width of the seat bolts.  The rear tracks on a 5k are 23"s apart so
they would fit in between no problem.

So maybe a generic slider and generic legs.  The legs would be fixed to the
floor and the seat would slide on the top of the legs.

Was any of that clear?

All I can say is when I get this done, however I do it I damn well better
like it!   I like the seat as it sits on a milk crate in my office.

"Barco back"  sucks but so does having to go through all this.  What did
Audi save my deleting the "ears" on some floor pans?   1/2DM?  Stupid! 
Allwe need are the damn ears.