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A/C system questions (4000q)

Eric wrote:

>I am looking into an '86 4000q for sale for $2500 obo.  From talking with
>the owner, the biggest problem is the broken A/C.  He has owned the
>car for 17 months, and bought it without working A/C.  He says he
>"runs the compressor" (I assume by flipping the switch on the 4Kq A/C
>panel) fairly often to keep it lubricated.  So, I have some questions
>about the A/C system.

I have not had good experiences with the York compressors on my
previous Audis with them when the system has been discharged for a
period of time.  On my old '84 Q, the AC was not working when I bought
it.  I took it to the a local shop and had it recharged, leak tested and
supposedly lubricated.  It worked great for about 2 hours and then the
compressor failed completely.  I do know that you can get them from JC
Whitney, though.  If you do, or you decide to (gasp) take a risk on a
boneyard compressor - be warned:  it can be tough to find one with
matching connectors.  I looked for awhile and then gave up at the time
because it seemed like too much trouble for late August; I figured I'd just
tough it out until the end of the summer.

I don't think the system _should_ work if there is _no_ freon in it.  I
believe there's supposed to be a switch that kills the compressor if the
gas pressure is too low as well as the high-pressure cutoff, but I am
not 100% about this.

One other thing about the York compressor - they are, in my
experience, loud and a big drain on the power of the 4KQ.  For the two
hours mine was working, the car's acceleration was noticeably
diminshed.  Part of this was no doubt because it was getting ready to
die, but others have said the rotaries are much more efficient and less

Just my experience, I'm pretty hazy when it comes to A/C because I've
never had the agony of completely troubleshooting that system yet. 
Soon, I know, the Audi Gods will make me an expert.

BTW, if you find a copy of that E.C., I seem to remember that there was
a company in the New Products section that was selling a new line of
quick-connectors for making your own A/C hoses.  You buy the hose
stock, they sell you everything you need to make your own hoses, no
special tools required.  I'll see if I still have it someplace.  Might be worth
a call.

Best Wishes,