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Re: Broken stud extractor; now what?

aahh the sickening sound of the bolt breaking and your hand crashing into
something sharp
then the feeling of the extractor breaking off flush.....


take kevin's advice if you can still get on it with a needle vise grip or
pliers... if not then...  use a little thing called a HELICOIL... basically
you drill the offending hole (oversize), tap it, and put in the
helicoil...all according to the size of the bolt you are talking about.
This isn't cheap according to the total weight and volume of replacement
metal, but it's a *hell of a lot* cheaper than a new block. The helicoil
will not come out and will last the lifetime of the block/manifold/tranny
housing/whatever you put it in.  Hopefully you are in the lucky position to
be able to drill without further dismantling the car.
Good luck!    

>Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 09:48:16 -0500
>From: Keith Simpson <ksimp@cgrams.com>
>Subject: Re: Broken stud extractor; now what?
>I used to use extractors - Now I use lots of heat before I do
>anything - propane works fine, MAPP is better - if I had
>oxy-acetylene I might use that - but that might be too hot - I
>would next go to right hand drill bits - I know people that have
>had great luck with them - sometimes hard to find.  What I have
>done when they are flush broken (I don't have right hand bitss)
>is carefully drill out with just the right size drill and then
>tap out the old threads.  My heart goes out to you - this used to
>happen to me alot in my younger days - now I go the the propane
>torch whenever in doubt.  Good luck.
>Gary G. Erickson wrote:
>> Well, I was working on one the studs that was already broken when I got
>> to the engine, and the Audi Gods decided to exact their revenge.
>> My nice, shiny, new stud extractor snapped (shattered?) into about 15
>> pieces and the broken stud hasn't budged a millimetre.
>> Now, I know I can walk right into Sears and get my extractor replaced,
>> but I have a feeling that it's not going to get any easier.
>> Any suggestions or BTDT's?
>> TIA!
>> Gary
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