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Re: Broken stud extractor; now what?

Jon Moritz wrote:

> take kevin's advice if you can still get on it with a needle vise grip or
> pliers... if not then...  use a little thing called a HELICOIL... basically
> you drill the offending hole (oversize), tap it, and put in the
> helicoil...all according to the size of the bolt you are talking about.

OK, now here's a question for the whole class.  I was discussing thread
replacement products with my mechanic a week ago, (unrelated to my
current situation) and while he spouted all sorts of curses and general
disgust for the Heli-coil brand, he showed me a set of "Time-serts."

According to him they're stronger, and will _not_ back out unlike
problems he's had with Heli-coils.

Is anybody familar with these or where they could be located?  I tried
asking about them when I went for the reverse drill bit at lunch, but
they didn't even understand "Heli-coil" until I explained the concept to

> housing/whatever you put it in.  Hopefully you are in the lucky position to
> be able to drill without further dismantling the car.

Luckily enough for me, the engine is on a stand that I keep wheeling
around the garage to find the better light.



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