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Seattle TQW report...<very long>

Relief tinged with sadness about sums it up.

As a refresher, this is the car Paul Chang posted questions about to the
nat'l list at the same time I was asking the NW list for info (Monday). 89
200 tqw. Pearl white, 120k miles. Sport seats. Mounted snows. Thule rack
(mounted with hose clamps!). Car from Utah but for sale in Seattle. Paul
backed off when informed by his wife that he had too many cars, and also had
kind words for me when he found out I'd been dealing with the owner since
late Sept when he advertised the car for sale( couldn't get the car up from
Utah at the time). Thanks Paul!

Anyhow, Orin Eman responded to both of us and said he'd be glad to check out
the car. Orin met me at my office and proceeded to spend three (!!!) hours
checking out the car. Test drive, compression check, pulled codes (knock
sensor and O2 sensor), adjusted O2 and idle, you name it. I have to say WOW!
Thanks Orin. Listers, this guy doesn't know me for squat, yet he's willing
to share his time and expertise. That says something about Audi owners.
Orin, you can bet I'll be buying you a few pitchers at the next NW group Red
Hook Brewery adventure (gives me a good excuse to finally attend one of
these things, too!).

We came up with a laundry list of repair items:
 - Hesitation on acceleration and engine light flickering (fault code 2142;
knock sensor 1&2 cyl. Thanks Scott Mockry for quick code definitions, knock
sensor scoop, etc...) . BTW, this car is a dual knock sensor/airbag vehicle,
yet you still dump the codes with the fuse in the fuel pump relay.
 - Fault code 2342  -- O2 sensor or wiring... sensor is a generic unit with
bad splice.
 - Dead bomb.
 - Iffy rack but not critical
 - Injection cooling fan non-functioning
 - Alternator cooling fan missing
 - Car pulling to right (alignment?)
 - Good compression (145,155,145,155,150)
 - Squeaky rear struts (blown?)
 - A/C unknown (didn't seem to be cooling)
 - numerous dash lights non-functioning (computer display, temp, tach).
 - after marked CD hooded up to Bose system (sounded like a dentist drill).

Owner asking $7300 (yes, cars are expensive in Seattle). With all this info,
I had him down to $6750 (with him buying the knock sensor) --deal dependent
on final mechanic inspection. I couldn't find any "recommended" shops for
the inspection that had time today. Finally I took it to Wagon Shop in
Bellevue ( a Bug-focused shop that had done good work for me on my Vanagon).
Not a pure Audi shop, but they said they were familiar with them. I figured
with all Orin's work, all I really needed was to get it up on a rack. and
check out the under carriage. 

Talk about illuminating. 15 minutes and $22 later, it was obvious I better
move on

 - The car had been tagged hard front and rear. Main front unibody support
member had major crimp and possible crack. Rear damage was less dramatic --
car has trailer hitch that had probably slammed into something and crimped
the mounting points. 
- Much rust damage (fuel lines, Fuel pressure regulator -- is that what it's
called? -- calipers, all heavily crusted).
- The rear squeak source was traced the rust-induced Swiss-cheese shocks. 
- What else... leaking rear diff, frozen right rear caliper, missing motor

At that point I said stop the clock, I'd seen enough. As they lowered the
car, the shop lights picked up the poor Bondo work on the hood...

Needless to say, I killed the deal. Judging from the number of suitors at
this guy's house, I don't think he'll have much trouble selling the car. I'm
just glad it wasn't to me or Paul or another lister! Not for that kind of
money, anyway.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my queries for info (and thanks again,

My quest continues.

Tim King
Seattle, WA
'90 90Q20v that's looking better all the time! (but try to tell that to my
wife and dog!)