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WA plate "quattro" CQ

I need to see a therapist.  I _stalked_ someone with a '90 Torn. Red
(what other color could it be ;-) CQ in the parking lot of Borders in
San Mateo, CA this weekend (SAT?).
WA state plates read _quattro_, so I'm guessing this was an
Waited mucho time for the owner to leave the store, but to no avail. 
Almost set up a fake PA annoucement but thought better of it.
So...who did I miss?

Question tho...
Did any CQ grills have the _quattro_ moniker?  I've now seen 1, but
am curious if this was a fabrication from the seeedans grill?  All
the CQ's I've driven (5) have not.... 

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw