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RE: WA plate "quattro" CQ

Boy Derek ... Audi's really got you fished in!  ;-)  (like I'm not ...

> Did any CQ grills have the _quattro_ moniker?  I've now seen 1, but
> am curious if this was a fabrication from the seeedans grill?  All
> the CQ's I've driven (5) have not.... 
You might have noticed that the grille on my urq also has a "quattro"
badge; I can't say I remember ever seen another one.  As you probably
know, the urq is bereft of badges other than the rings on all sides, and
then "Audi" and "quattro" on the trunk lid.  I saw the small and
tastefully done quattro badge on the 5kQ's and ordered one from the
dealer.  Even though the grilles on the two cars are quite different I
had no problem attaching it.  HTH!

Speaking of badging ... it seems like its that time of the year again
... :)

I keep seeing Audi A4 Avant ads where they show something that looks
like an "Avant" badge, although I can't see one on the car.  I have not
seen an Avant badge on any of the A4As I've seen, but I thought I'd toss
my line in the water to see if anyone has seen one ... either here in
the US or anywhere else in the world ... TIA!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)