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transmission problem

Hi there:

We have an audi 5kcdqt 86 we had the clutch replaced in it.  During the
time they replaced the clutch the mechanic damaged the tranny....so we
took the tranny to a garage to have it fix.... now this is our problem:

The garage said they can fix it so they put in a new synchronizer and
reinstalled the tranny.... after that they are saying ( and we hear) the
bearings need to be replaced.
so they want to take out the transmission again replace all 12 bearings
and charge us $2091.00.CND

or if we leave it like it is (making some noise in 2nd and 4th only)
then all we have to pay is $900.00.CDN

Do we really have to change all the bearings?
Can we cause more damage to the transmission leaving it this way?

any suggestions? opinion?