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Speedometer check

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I have been full of suspicion against my speedometer lately, and I
wanted an easy way to check the accuracy of it.
The other day a friend of mine suggested a way of testing the
accuracy, that sounded ingenious to me (maybe not to you fellow
listeners) and I thought that I would share it with you. Here's
his suggestion:

* On the road, set the cruise control to the speed you want to
  check (or hold your right foot steady :).
* Reset the trip meter, and at the same time set a timer for
  six minutes.
* When six minutes have elapsed, you can read out your actual
  speed from the trip meter (at least this works for kilometer
  speedos that have a hundred meter digit), i.e. a reading
  of 9,0 km means an actual speed of 90 km/h.

This test method is fairly accurate because of the better
precision of the milage counter compared to the speedometer.