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Re: Quattro vs. Stang...flamethrower ready!

With the added advantage the turbo gives at altitude, I seem to have little
trouble leaving 5.0s behind with my bone stock '91 200Q.  I really want to
tweak it, but my wife's reaction to that idea is only a little warmer than
her reaction to the motorcycle.  

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q in Denver -- what Mustang -- did anyone see a Mustang??  Look out
the back!

At 08:51 PM 2/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>      There are so many Billy Badasses around here in 5.0's and I'm so sick of
>> them!  BTW, Anyone have a really fast 5ktq or 200tq I could borrow to
>> a few folks around here?  It would benefit humanity.
>Have you tried curling up with a good book lately?  Perhaps after a hot
>bath... does wonders for the blood pressure.  Golly, if I acted out
>every feeling I had while driving I'd lose my license in about a week. 
>Like I useta when I was younger, and still had my eyesight, my looks,
>and my charm!  (can I pretend attitude is charming in youth?)
>Huw Powell