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Re: alternator rebuild/repair/other?

If you do need to replace it, there are two amperages, 90 or 110 amp. Bosch
sells a reman unit for some high price around $175-200 something like that. A
used one will work back to an 87 5000. Just make sure it's the right amperage.
There will be a sticker on it that tells you (unless it's worn off).


Rob Winchell wrote:

> Q -
> >From the looks/sounds of it, my alternator is headed south.
> Symptoms:
> 1) Start car, voltage gauge says @12 at idle (OK)
> 2) battery and brake lights faintly illuminated (not OK)
> 3) Rev car past 2k RPM, voltage goes up to normal (@14) (OK)
> 4) Start hearing a pretty substantial "bad bearings" noise (for lack of a
> better term), but only at idle (not OK)
> So, assuming it the alternator, what is the conventional wisdom - rebuild?
> What are the options as far as replacing with a new one? Is this a Bosch
> part or something else?
> Sorry for all the questions, thanks for all the answers.
> Rob Winchell
> 91 200Q