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Re: The Reliability of the 90

I just read your entry at AudiCar...boy, that's some tough love.


Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:

> Funny, same thing happened to me last weekend...only not completely
> removed....let me know what you find.
> Now, the reliability of the 90....well.... it's the most unreliable car
> I've ever owned.
> See the car and my troubles at:
> http://www.audicar.com/registry/details.asp?car=199
> In all fairness, my standards for reliability are high and I have been very
>  lucky with other cars.
> The bottom line is that in 20 months and 82,000 miles I've spent over $6300
>  in repairs and major maintenance items
> such as timing belts.  This does NOT include performance upgrades or
> regular maintenance (oil, gas) or tires!
> Love it when it's running...but OH, boy!
> Paul Royal
> Rings of Torture NH/USA