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RE: US 84-85 UrQ's

There is a gentleman my the name of Bill Bremer that runs the
ur-q registry. I bet he has a lot of details on this subject. Anyone
interested in learning more or in registering their ur-q may want to
contact Bill directly: WAJBREMER@aol.com . Perhaps someday
Bill might have the info on a web site. Any volunteers to host it?
My 85 ur-q was registered with Bill many years back.


> And how many Sport Quattro's were ever imported to the US?
> There's an '84 here in Columbus.  A salesguy at the Audi dealer told me
> only 4 were ever imported.  True?

What a good question.  Indeed - where are they all?
I have it on good authority (I've seen a picture) that a gentleman in Rocester, 
Minnesota has _four_ - one for his wife, one for himself, and one for each of 
two sons.  His next door neighbour is a business acquaintance of mine.
OTOH - how many 'Sports' are there?  Baur built around 220 shells.  216 is a 
number often used.  186 sold retail is another.  Parts could be a further 
problem.  Historic Motorsport in England built several using factory-supplied 
parts and with factory approval.  Aelred at Dialynx has done a number of ur-
quattro conversions, using different 'depths' into the ur-quattro vs. Sport 

Would you want one?  Perhaps not - it ain't quite as simple as 200 bhp versus 
300 bhp.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club