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Re: Ram Air...and from where..?

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998 Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:

> venting some air through to the brakes and possible running some ductwork
> up to the airbox.  Anybody BTDT and been successful or failed.


 Venting air from the lower grille to the brakes on the 90q is not
a practical mod, IME.  There is a lot of various "junk" to route the hose
around and quite a bit of length required. By this time any usable air
velocity would probably be lost. My suggestion is to buy some
aluminum dryer hose (cheap) and use a short lengths of it ziptied to the
subframe and routed back towards the caliper as a temporary mod for track
events.  This cheap trick makes a world of a differnce in consistent brake
performance.  If you think you need brake ducts for street use your
probably driving too fast! :-)  Or you need to take Mr. Graydon's approach
and not use your brakes, I think his solution to stopping is more boost...

Brendan Rudack
'98 A4tq
Fenton, Michigan USA