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Mustangs & Audis

I've been watching these messages with amusement.  (No, no annoyance -
just amusement.)  You might as well compare Jeeps and Hovercraft.

I've owned a great '68 'Stang and done a LOT of driving of several '80s
and '90s 'stangs.  I currently also own a '97 A4Q 2.8L stick.  None of
these cars were modified, except for wider wheels/tires.

The only Mustangs that the A4Q could keep up with were the 4-banger
auto-tranny models.  However, looking at my copy of Audi Files, most
Audis were considerably slower.  That's straight-line acceleration.
Most acceleration is straight-line.

Mustangs corner terribly on smooth surfaces.  Audis aren't so hot
either, compared to BMWs at any rate.  A Mustang is -funner- to corner
in - the rear-wheel drive makes for some exciting and controllable

Audis corner under power better than Mustangs.  A LOT better.  They also
have a more comfortable ride, are quieter, and are more civilized.  And
they cost three times as much.  In poor weather, there's nothing better
than an Audi.

I now drive an Audi A4Q because I can afford it, and the safety,
security, ride, and control were more important to be than gonzo driving
and acceleration.  Ten years ago my priorities and pocketbook were
different.  However, I'd trade my '97 A4Q 2.8L in for an S4 in an
instant.  Acceleration, quite frankly, DOES suck compared to the power
Mustangs that cost half as much, and I miss it.  I'm just not willing to
give up Quattro or sophistication for it.