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A4 tires

Anyone know if a 245/45-16 would work on a stock A4?  The BFG R1 is 9.2
inches wide for this size, verses 8.8 for the 225/50-16, which should work.
Height wise, the 245 is shorter at 24.5 inches, with the 225 at 24.8.  The
stock 205/55-16 is 7.3 and 24.8.  This would be used on the stock wheels and
stock sport suspension (yes, the 245 will fit on the rim).  Also I can
legally increase the wheel offset by adding a 1/4 inch shim.  Any insight
would be appreciated!  

While I'm at it, anyone got any hot tips for Mufflers?  From what I've seen
there isn't much in bolt on cat back stuff, and they are all pricey, along
with no performance numbers for there products.  Anyone tried just replacing
from the Cat back, with custom pipe and a Supertrap or such?  Don't want to
loose torque, but figure opening up the exhaust a little should help both
power and torque at the expense of a little noise.