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Re: The Reliability of the 90

>>>Paul Royal wrote..."it's the most unreliable car I've ever owned"
>>>Are you kidding?
>>>Looking at the list of maintenance items posted at audicar.com, I don't
>>>a description of an unreliable car.  It does describe a car that gets
>>>driven alot.   Too bad about the trans failure, but other failures don't
>>>seem too unreasonable in the course of putting 170 k miles on a car.
>>>Aren't  belt replacement, brakes, and a lot of the other listed things
>>>the category of routine maintenance items, along with tires, etc?
>>>Dave C.

No, I'm not kidding.
Last car incurred half the trouble and maintenance costs over 243K miles.
An Audi 5Ks with an automatic!!!! no less.....

Car before that...a Volkwagon Rabbit.
First repair over $100 occurred at 160,000 miles.

Add the numbers...I haven't included tires...the only routine items I
were timing belt and belts in my figures...a transmission failure that
cost over $5,000 w/o the aid of junkyard is inexcusable.

I told you I expected a lot.  Maybe my expectations are unreasonable, but
from my own experience and the opinions of most others I've talked to...
well...they're glad it ain't theirs.

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