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Retrofitting an intercooler into an UrQ (no adults here? )

<<The best thing to do in this case is to use water cooled intercooler 
from Dialinx. >>

Sean Replied;
OK,  could you please finance the upgrades from dyalinx for us?   There 
are tons of intercoolers at the boneyards which are practically free.  
That is still a decent upgrade for the puny UrQ intercooler... (hint 
hint, they dont have to come frome an Audi either).

Sean went on to say;
<Retrofitting an intercooler into an UrQ (no adults here? )>
Well once again,  a decent topic goes sour.  I cant believe the erergy
that gets wasted here.   Thats all I'm gonna say.  grow up, or buy 

In the world of Rose colored glasses, or a glass house colored in rose, 
it seems Sean just threw a big rock.

wondering how many "adult" continuing Ed credits you got for the above 

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