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Theory of braking

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Mark Pollan wrote:

> >Or you need to take Mr. Graydon's approach and not use your brakes, I
> >think his solution to stopping is more boost...
> DR. Graydon's theory of relativity I presume.  Get there before you
> need to stop so naturally there is no need to stop.  Or something like
> that.

Hey wait a minute, I can't let you guys alone for 5 minutes, and there's 
all sorts of hints and allegations (there's a song in there I think) and 
I don't know how it even got started!  Prolly Brendan though - he's a 
rebel-rouser.  :-)

For the record, I use my brakes at least once a day, if not more.  I'm
afraid of braking them though on the Audi, so I try not to push the pedal
too hard.  On the track, you only go slower if you use the brakes, so
that's a taboo. 

Now Brendan OTOH, should practise the use of his brakes a little more 


You know, it could be that "red shift"...  I pass Brendan at such an 
elevated speed, he doesn't see my brake lights (or what he does see looks 
green) so when he finally arrives, he's still wondering how I got there 
and stopped without using my brakes.   GD&R :-)

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