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Re: Retrofitting an intercooler into an UrQ

AudiQtroCp@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 2/11/98 7:34:47 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> MikeZ755@sprintmail.com writes:
> <<
>  The best thing to do in this case is to use water cooled intercooler from
>  Dialinx. >>
> OK,  could you please finance the upgrades from dyalinx for us?   There are
> tons of intercoolers at the boneyards which are practically free.  That is
> still a decent upgrade for the puny UrQ intercooler...    (hint hint, they
> dont have to come frome an Audi either).
> Sean.

It is not as costly as you might think. The biggest problem in compact 
turbo cars is space. If you look past the tip of your nose and see who 
uses what in competition you will see that charge coolers and liquid oil 
coolers are used all over the rally seen world wide. It is the most 
effective way to keep things cool when space is limited. Dialynx kit 
sells for about $700US with all the trimmings. 
Audi rally cars used conventional intercoolers with enlarged grills and 
hollow bumpers with holes for better ventilation. By the time you build 
something like that it will cost you plenty. You will also lose 
crash protection from gutting out your bumper.
I have seen people save even more on charge cooler project by purchasing 
Dialynx kit without radiator and utilising a used radiator from another 
There are tonns of intercoolers at bone yards, but not many will fit 
well. That is why company like Spearco and Griffin Radiators are still in 

Mike Z