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RE: A4 1.8T CHIP (1.8T vs 2.8)

I hope that Audi did not go backwards technologically on the A4 turbo
... Audi's MC turbocharged engine available for the '85-'88 5000 and
'89-90 200 series included a turbo that had oil and water lines
connected.  After the car was turned off an auxiliary water pump kept
the turbo bearing cool.  Other Audi turbos also have this feature.  If
the 1.8T has this feature the after shutdown turbo cooling mechanisms
are superfluous.  I guess Audi felt that it wasn't BS ...

With that said, unfortunately I must admit that the auxiliary water pump
may be one of the most often disabled systems on those engines.  The
plastic pump housing breaks and leaks, and since a new pump costs well
over $100 many folks just plumb around them.  I took one of them apart
this past weekend and found that they are not directly coupled pumps ...
the pump is connected magnetically to the motor (as I believe Igor
pointed out some time ago).  Its too bad that they came up with a design
that is inherently robust, but then missed the boat by using poor
materials in the fabrication ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> > - I have heard of after-market gizmos that store engine oil under
> >     pressure to provide bearing lube after shutdown.  If they aren't
> >     a load of BS, why aren't they standard equipment on all cars?
> >
> According to Road & Track, these systems don't provide a substantial
> benefit and often are the same cost as a replacement turbo.  As for
> the
> period of idling after shutting the car off HKS makes a device that
> allows the car to continue idling after it's been shut off for up to a
> minute and a half (as long as the parking brake is on).  You just turn
> the ignition to off and after whatever time period you set the car
> for,
> it shuts itself off.  The device is supposed to be available for most
> makes and modles but I don't know for sure if it fits Audis.