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Re: And the mustang wins!

ekellock@juno.com wrote:

> >E - didn't even start thismustang thing this was here when I last
> left
> >2 years ago.......just threw the biggest can of gas on the flame
> So it really is A after all.  What a putz.  No one wants this kind of
> drivel on the list.  So far as contributing to the content of the
> list,
> its you: -10, Ben: infinity (relatively speaking of course).

Aw .... gee .... could you give at least a -9???? please????I value your
opinion soooooo much.....

> >Now that I have everyone's attention.........I'm looking
> >for either a 90-91 V8, or a '91 200TQ in the Boston area...
> I just heard about a sweat deal on a 89 200 tqw in the Seattle area.
> Pearl with sports seats.  Maybe you should check it out...

hey....I'm going to be in Seattle in 2 weeks....maybe you wanna come
check it out with me.....we can rent a Mustang at Hertz (a 3.8 or course

so we have an excuse when all the geo metro's are blowing us away at
the lights).......the we can go visit Frank Black of the Millenium group

so he can touch your head and see what killed your brain...

> Take off, eh!

you've got some really snappy quotes....heeee....heeeee.....

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