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Re: 1.6 bar spring question

> > Can you just throw in a heavier spring without ECU mods?  Won't the >fuel cutoff kick in from 'overboost'.

> This overboost fuel pump cutout normally occurs around 1.6 bar in a
> stock ECU, but the ECU does allow some overboost above this 1.6 bar for
> 0.5 to 1.0 seconds depending on the air temp coming out of the
> intercooler. Orin,  any other comments? This seems to be a timely

Not really.  There are two overboost cutout levels, the 1 second
level and the 0.5 second level.  If you are over the 0.5 level for
more than 0.5 seconds then it kills the fuel pump, else if you
are over the 1 second level for more than 1 second, it cuts the
fuel pump.  At higher intake air temps, the .5 and 1 second levels
are the same, so you only get .5 seconds.

We need to calibrate the intake air sensor to find what the
actual air temps are...