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94 A6 Service Indicators

To:   quattro
Can't help you with the service indicator (I don't *think* I have one on my
US '92 100). "Reverberation" at 3500 rpms? Hmmmm. My first thought is
exhaust; possibly the catalytic converter. Does the vibration only occur
with the transmission in gear, or is it independent of the tranny
altogether? Also, since I am completely unfamilar with the 2.0L engine, has
this problem recently cropped up, or is it possible that the vibration is
simply an inherent trait of this engine?

Sean Ford           '92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 34k mi
Sean_Ford@idx.com        '98 Honda CR-V auto 0k mi
IDX,Boston,MA       http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/5528

Original Message-----------
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 18:56:03 +0000
From: Simes <simes@innotts.co.uk>
Could anybody tell me if there is a pin-out for resetting the Service
indicator on my 1994 A6 2.0?  or is a machine required to do the job?
Also I have a 'reverberation' at exactly 3500 revs in all gears.  Does
anyone know what this could be?