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Tranny Problem

Jack said:

We have an audi 5kcdqt 86 we had the clutch replaced in it.  During 
the time they replaced the clutch the mechanic damaged the 
tranny....so we took the tranny to a garage to have it fix.... now 
this is our problem:

The garage said they can fix it so they put in a new synchronizer and
reinstalled the tranny.... after that they are saying ( and we hear) the
bearings need to be replaced. So they want to take out the 
transmission again replace all 12 bearings and charge us $2091.00.CND

or if we leave it like it is (making some noise in 2nd and 4th only)
then all we have to pay is $900.00.CDN

Do we really have to change all the bearings?
Can we cause more damage to the transmission leaving it this way?

any suggestions? opinion?


1)  As long as you're fixing it, DO IT RIGHT.  Those bearings can 
take out that tranny in short order.  YES, you can damage the 
transmission terminally...and quickly.  Bite the bullet.
 2) The price difference is hard to justify.  DO NOT have them buy 
Audi bearings.  Most bearings can be purchased at a bearing supply; 
all you need to do is match the size and type.  The difference in 
price is STAGGERING.  A $100 Audi bearing may be $20 at a supply 
3)  IMO, there is some basis for arguing they should have 
caught this when they did the job the first time.  Sit down with 
them and discuss whether they will supply the labor for the 
removal & reinstallation of the transmission (since they did it once) 
and just charge you for the labor of the bearing replacement.

Hope this helps...

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