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Re: 85 4ksQ questions

> The German ADAC has a neat little pamphlet with some pictures of the back of 
> the heads of people killed by poorly-applied rear window brake lights in 
> frontal impact collisions.

Point well taken - make sure your installation is a permanent one.
This should not be difficult though.
> IMO they're a fad, and a dangerous one.

I disagree.  Especially with the current SUV craze, it is imperative
to have a brake light directly in your line of vision.
Add to that the need to tailgate LLB (left lane bandits) [1/2 :)]
and American cars that have shared taillight/turnsignals,
and you have a pretty strong case for them.
> (BTW - Why do ovloVs have the announcement that they have _SIDE_ impact 
>        protection on the _BACK_ of the car?) 

So you can hit them in the rear, the only place they didn't put
an airbag :)

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