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Re: Selling it (formerly H&R Springs)

> but I don't think Dan wants to
> act as a censor for Vendors.

Unfortunately I have to.  The prices on springs were good, but
if I allow springs today, it's car audio stuff tomorrow, then everyone
knows someone who has a SUV and could use a deal on offroad tires,
right?  And so on, and so on...

> I think the best solution is a "vendor/for sale page" linked off
> the Q-list. On it we can list anything and everything of possible interest
> to the Q-list, catagorized for easy viewing.

The qmarket page already works this way.  Two things stand in the
way of accepting commercial ads - one, the list is still on my
server here at work (and I cannot charge for that).  Two, I haven't
had a ton of interest.

I'm working on getting the list to a new state, as I've mentioned.
I have so little time as it is, that anything I do almost has to
be cost justified (see, those MBA concepts are coming in handy).
I've even considered leaving my job, going to school fulltime, and
turning the list into more of a business.

My goal is not to charge listers, but to make a buck from advertisers
who may benefit us, and will make a profit themselves.  That's the
way the web works these days, like it or not.

> people misuse the privledge... they can be booted, like the guy who changed
> his mind about selling the car at asking price and instead started a
> bidding war on his car. 

Booting people is almost impossible without some form of registration
system, or a closed/moderated list(s).  That's way more work than
I am willing to put forth at this time.
I see the line Osman, and I understand.  TAP just gave the 20v
list folks a big discount on their chip, for a one-time deal.
Having the ability to swing some weight and get people a deal
is my ultimate goal (hey XYZ, howdja like to sell 500 sets of 
brakes and make $50 a set, as opposed to selling a few here or

As always, I welcome your thoughts and opinions.  Let's keep it
to private email, for now anyway.

And if there is anyone who is really hot to have commercial ad
space, let me know.  If I get enough people to commit, moving 
the list off coimbra could happen a lot sooner.

| Dan |
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