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RE: Jag AWD? (long with zero Audi content)

> firkins@eis.net.au wrote;
> A new baby Jaguar, Britain's rival for the BMW 3 Series, will use a novel
> all-wheel-drive system when it arrives in 2001. Codenamed X400, the  Jaguar
> will be the smallest, lowest-priced model in the company's history, costing
> about $50,000 in Australia and styled for nostalgia lovers. It will
> resemble the Jaguar Mark II of 1960.
  Speaking of nostalgia from the 60's, 'member the A.C. Cobra?  I think
it had a few names but around here it was called the Shelby Cobra.  I
believe it originated in U.K. and then a Texan by the name of Shelby (I
think he was a racer at one point) decided to do some mods.  He used a
Ford 260 (4.3 litre) V8 at the start I think and then went on up from
there to the 289 and I believe you could even get a 427 in it (7
litre!).  I got to drive one once in the late 70's and it was truly an
awsome machine.  As I recall it was a Mark III.  You had to hold on when
you stepped on it (I'd say we were doing 60 mph in about 5 seconds) and
overall with the limited time I had with it I was truly impressed.
According to the owner it developed 260 hp and the top speed was around
150 mph, and it weighed about 2000 lbs.  I believe it had a limited slip
diff. as well.  He wanted $$$ for the beast that I didn't have.  Seller
told me it was beating anything that came around.  Another local (an
acquaintence) bought it and subsequently drove it into a light standard
and that was the end of it (and him too).  No more left in this neck of
the woods that I know of.  I think that car would be a keeper and make a
good retirement fund when you could no longer enjoy it.  BTW, seller
wanted around $5k for it back then.  What would one be worth today?