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Re: The quality of the 90

MmmmMike :

how could you tempt the 90 gods like that.........

actually my 90 has been pretty rock solid............aside from my vacuum pump
knock and some minor things at 145k miles it is running like a champ.....I
think the less weight etc... of the 90 body helps alot.....

90 90
Rob Carselle - Columbus, Ohio

In a message dated 98-02-11 15:28:40 EST, IMSA90QGTO@aol.com writes:

<< I have noticed that the post 1988 80 and 90 Quattros are seldomly 
 discussed.  I have had very few problems with my 88 90Q, except the 
 $5000+ of damage on the undercarriage from an offroad accident.  I think 
 it may be one of Audi's most reliable models.  Does anyone agree?  If 
 not, what is the most reliable Audi?
 Mike Robinson >>