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Audi leather seats

Wendell Gurley@TOYOTA
02/13/98 04:06 PM

I am amazed how well the leather seats on Audis wear.  I bought an 87 4k
new in 86.  After nearly 12 years and 144k, the seats have no ripped seams,
only slight cracking at the bolster, and other than a more shiny appearance
on the seating surface, they look nearly new.  Bought some Lexol several
years ago to clean and treat them but I never have used it.  To tell the
truth, I haven't cared for the seats at all!
>   Also, to anybody out there with black leather, how does it wear (i.e
>   fading from sun, etc). Thanks.
>Angela's 90 90Q20V with black leather is holding up fine, with
>no special care at all.