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Thoughts on Audi Wheels

In message <19980213234040.16551.rocketmail@web1.rocketmail.com> twain mein writes:

> This is tremendously geek, but I was thinking that
> Audi has done a tremendous job of equipping their
> cars with *awesome* wheels. It is really hard to find
> aftermarket wheels that look that much better. With
> the exception of Ferrari, I don't think any company
> comes close.
> But, here's my top list o'wheels:
> Fuchs
> Ronal 8x15 and 7x15

I guess it's a 'taste thing' - but my personal opinion is that the 14-spoke 
Ronals fitted as stock to the ur-quattro are about the neatest wheels around.
I might - perhaps - also acknowledge the original Maglite design as fitted to 
the _original_ Mini Coopers ...
But in going round to view several ur-quattros with Roger Galvin during his 
search for the 'ultimate MB' I noticed that _every_ car had after-market wheels 
- and when I commented that we'd have to deduct GBP1000 for the crap wheels, 
the seller suddenly volunteered that he had the original wheels 'somewhere'.

Makes ya think.  Happened at least five times.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club