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RE: Interior swap / black leather questions

	Kirby wrote:
> > These were repaired with leather dye bought
> > from a shoe repair business.  This dye is _very_ black, and contains
> > alcohol and MEK.  I diluted it considerably to avoid contrast
> problems
> > with the seat leather, and deployed it over the entire seats with a
> rag,
> > with emphasis on the scratched/worn (whitish) areas. 
Then Dan wrote:
> I was thinking about this, but I've heard that other products
> (like Hide Food) will restore the color as well.
> Do you recall what type of dye/brand you used?

I'll have to look the brand up, and then reply.  This will require a
delay until Monday, at best.  The hide food is cream colored, and will
not affect the color significantly (at least for black).  It does
improve the texture, especially if someone has previously used silicone
(Armorall?) on it.  It leaves the leather in a semigloss state when
enough applications have been done.  Even so, my seats do not feel quite
as soft as my favorite recliner.  This may be a function of leather
thickness, age, improper treatment over time, sunlight, heat, whatever.