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Re: Thoughts on Audi Wheels

I'm going to agree with you on this one, to an extent. I will also have to
give the nod to a certain cousin of Audi's that shall remain nameless, but
that starts with a "P", ends with an "e," and has an "orsch," in the middle.
Especially the hollow spoke 959 wheels.

I will even give some Volvo wheels the go ahead over some Audi wheels. The
16" 5 spoke "twist pattern," wheel available on the original 850 turbo, form
truly following function in this application. The 17" titanium gray T5-R
wheels are pretty slick as well, in my estimation.

The latest iteration of the Testarossa wheel was pretty sweet as well.

So many wheels so little time.


then of course there are the 3 spoke wheels on the new mustangs (Oops, wrong
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>This is tremendously geek, but I was thinking that
>Audi has done a tremendous job of equipping their
>cars with *awesome* wheels. It is really hard to find
>aftermarket wheels that look that much better. With
>the exception of Ferrari, I don't think any company
>comes close.