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re: quattro vs. Syncro??

At 17:21 2/13/98 +0000, Steve Valin wrote:
>Iain Mannix <mannix@privateI.com> asks:
><< What exactly are the differences between the quattro and Syncro
>More specifically, the 4kq and VW qsw - I just saw something in the Audi
>newsgroup claiming that "old Syncro" is/was not as desirable for high
>performance driving as quattro - any insights?  I have been told many
>different things - some say it is the same, some say the rear suspension
>different but otherwise the same, and somewhere down the line I got the
>idea that they were somehow different.  Insights?  Thanks! >>
>Quattro is Audi speak for all wheel drive - Syncro is VW-speak. They are
>purely marketing terms. 
>If the engine is longitudinally placed and drives all 4 wheels, then
>it's the classic Audi drivetrain: no VC couplings - either open or
>Torsen center diff (the V8Q with automatic is the odd duck with an
>electronically controlled multi-plate center diff).  If the engine is
>transverse, then it uses the viscous center diff.  Until recently, all
>Audi's used the former, but the upcoming A3, TT, and TTS quattros will
>use the latter.  

NOT TRUE!  My Syncro Double Cab (Vanagon with a PU Bed) has a
longitudinally place engine and it is definatly Syncro.  The Porsche 911 C4
is the same too.  Both use a VC, but then a lot of other non
VW/Audi/Porsche companies are using VCs too.  

I have driven an Audi 4000q (VW Quantum)(1st generation quattro), Audi 90
Sport Q (2nd generation quattro), 1992 Passat G60 Syncro ("FWD" Syncro")
and a Syncro Double Cab ("RWD" Syncro) and I would put the quattro system
over the Syncro system when it comes to snow, ice and loose gravel.  But
when it comes to getting un-stuck then the VC Syncro wins hands down!

My personal definition of Syncro is a AWD system that uses a VC, quattro
uses a differential.  One side note though... VW calls the Syncro system 4
wheel drive as opposed to all wheel drive.  I have to agree with this
because for example on my Double Cab the rear wheels get 100% of the power
when I am driving down the highway.  The only time the front wheels get
power is when the rear wheels are moving at a 5 - 7% different speed than
the front (i.e. when you are spinning).  Quattro from what I have read and
witnessed is 50/50 distrobution on the highway.

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