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Re: Falling in Love Again

Actually, all the extra weight's in the rear, but it's only a couple of
child seats and the obligatory Emmajunga. :-) 

It's got 60k miles, so I don't think that's a factor. The tires would make
a difference of about 1/4 inch, though.

At 12:45 AM 2/15/98 -0500, Jim Griffin wrote:
>Don Forte wrote:
>> I just measured my '93 100S, and the fender lip heights are 26 5/8 front,
>> and 26 7/8 rear, with 205/60-15 Blizzaks all around.
>And yours is OEM? Hmm... I just went out into the garage, and measured mine
>again, and the fronts show 26 1/4, and the rears at 25 1/4 (I guess it
>settled a bit on the drive home...). My car has 215/60/15s Comp T/As on it. I
>wouldn't think that would make a big difference (relative to your
>If yours is OEM, something is not making sense here. My car is definitely
>lower than OEM... you can tell just by standing next to it and behind it.
>Maybe yours is sagging... all around? I guess we need some other listers to
>come forward with their measurements (of the ride height... don't read into
>it THAT much folks!!). Hmm... this is rather interesting...
>>  The rear has certainly been lowered, but it doesn't seem the front has.
>The rear is noticeably lower, and so is the front. Hmm... it is definitely
>rather odd. We'll have to wait and see what others come up with...
>>  Are you sure that those numbers are right?
>Yep.. I just double-checked them.
>> OTOH, maybe mine is sagging?
>Could be!! How many miles do you have on your car? Regardless, I wouldn't
>think that they would sag that much!! Hmmm...
>Maybe it is 'cuz you have all those cinder blocks in your trunk, and that big
>old Chevy 454 stuffed under the hood!! That would surely change your ride
>height!! :-)
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