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Re: Minor Quattro Content - Swapping Motors

If you are talking about one of those Japan-spec  take outs, my experience
is strip it down to a long block & use your intake & whatnot. Something
about the Japan injection that does not mesh with US specs.


Dupree, Robert A. wrote:

> Explanation:    I am in the process of repairing my 4-Runner so that I
> can have a functioning vehicle while I drop the LT-1 in the 5000
> Quattro.  (That's the Quattro content)
> Question 1.    It would appear that the replacement motor I got has all
> the original Japanese gear on it.  Does anyone out there know whether or
> not the I would get better performance with the Japanese stuff (intake
> manifold...) ?
> Question 2.    Are there any Chicagoland folks with swapping expertise
> that would like to lend a hand, in exchange for plenty of beer and food?
> Bob Dupree
>         773-388-1895 h