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Re: When was the NG engine intro'd?

NG    98kW/133hp    2.3L
08.90-06.94    Coupe, Coupe quattro
08.90-12.91    90, 90 quattro
06.91-07.94    Cabrio
09.91-11.94    80, 80 quattro

NG    100kW/136hp    2.3L
08.85-07.94    Coupe, Coupe quattro
04.87-09.91    90, 90 quattro

ie. the NG (either of 'em) was not installed in the 5000, according to
Volkswagen/Audi Motorkennbuchstaben 1/1997.  The NF and AAR engines of 2.3
litres and 100kW/98kW respectively were...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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Subject: When was the NG engine intro'd?

>I know the NG was available in the 87.5 Coupe GT, but when did it make
>it's appearance in the standard 5000? And at what point (or was it the
>same time) that the injection was changed?
>Is there a way to tell what engine is in a car without finding the
>stamping on the block itself? I thought there was a tag somewhere.
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